A consumer energy monitor provides feedback on electrical energy use. Devices may also display cost of energy used and estimates of greenhouse gas emissions. Numerous studies have shown a reduction in home energy use of 4-15% through use of home energy display

A means to reduce household/business energy consumption is to provide real-time feedback to homeowners/business owners so they can alter their energy use. Enabling users to receive real-time energy information on their computer or smart device wherever they are. Customers are able to view how much energy is being consumed in the home and this data can be sent directly to a Power Meter. A software tool makes the information available for users to view in their own time.

Data collected from these systems is also very useful not just for checking and monitoring, but also  very helpful for fault finding and repairs. It gives an in depth view to trace and track faults.

Energy efficient product Installation

Energy efficient products are items that have a high performance with a small energy usage or free to power e.g. solar after the payback period.

Examples of this is:

  •  LED lighting
  • New air conditioner with modern technology
  • Heat pump
  • PV Solar hot water
  • Advice heating and cooling by house design wind flow and double glazing to deciduous trees/ plants.
  • Motor starting technology
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Solar motors.

Electrical Audit and advice

An onsite visit and consultation where we see what’s being consumed. Go over you KWh usage and discuss options best suited to you

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