Fault Repairs, Installations & Maintenance
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Save money with Solar Electricity
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BAmps Electrical a call as the solar industry is a vast and evolving industry
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Stay comfortable in all seasons with an Inverter Air Systems
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A family electrical company do it all domestic industrial, commercial and rural.
With dedicated focus on solar and everything renewable and green energy related that will reduce or remove the costs of your energy usage.

A focus on Solar on grid, off grid, rural and hybrid systems. Improving your FIT without compromising your rate.

Huge savings can be made with the right advice and products.

Servicing Toowoomba and surrounds, Warwick, Dalby, Crows Nest, Lockyer Valley and all locations between. Rural west of Dalby.

Electrical Services

Solar Electricity

Air Conditioning

Hot Water

Efficiency & Energy Saving

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